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wallPen OS



wallPen OS 2.1.1.wpupdate  - 56.4 MB, August 31st 2023

To save press right mouse button and then select "Save as..."


Latest version with support for a fifth printhead and improved user interface.

The update to v2.1 is recommended for all wallPen E2 customers!


Please save your calibration values before the update!



1. Start your wallPen as usual and reference its axis

2. Copy the downloaded "*.wpupdate"-file to an USB "image" flash drive (there should only be one (!!) .wpupdate file on the device at a time)

3. Insert the USB flash drive into the wallPen and follow the installation dialog

4. Please wait for at least 10 to 15 minutes (!!!) until two short beep tones indicate the success of the update

5. Remove the USB "image" flash drive and restart the device


!!! Make sure you use wallPen Processor v6.x for all image processing before using wallPen OS 2.x  !!!





- fixed rare issue in case 5th printhead is not detected 



- support for 5th color

- modified waveform for white ink

- downgrade to 2.0.x disabled due to new 2.1.x release 



- fixed real time clock interfering with printing

- pause required before canceling a printjob



- RTC (real time clock) implemented

- tracking total printer runtime

- 32-pass issue fixed

- improved time tracking reliability

- height limit for dwell time enforced

- improved error handling



- improved ui, especially for 5th color

- improved 5th color printing

- printhead flush-function removed

- fixed 1200 dpi sometimes not finishing



- fixed a rare bug with the Z-axis not moving correctly

- fixed print mode sometimes not displaying correctly


Previous Releases

wallPen OS 2.0.13.wpupdate  - 43 MB, June 6th 2023

- complete rewrite of the distance control algorithm

- reading in the laser distance 25x more often

- much tighter control of the distance to the wall

- reduced the protocol overhead when talking to the motor, resulting in a >100x speedup of the control loop

- complete rewrite of the printing algorithm, allowing for the following improvements: 

- the horizontal calibration is now done in the printer

- the wallPen Processor is now up to 100x faster

- printing pause in between swaths has been significantly reduced

- pass modi and printing mode (bidirectional, unidirectional) are now selectable in the printer

- 300dpi multi-pass printing is now possible

- 600dpi single-pass printing is now possible

- 1200dpi printing is now possible

- up to 32-pass printing is now possible

- white ink can now be printed. Contact us for more information, availability and pricing on the required hardware upgrade

- removed support for wallPen Processor releases 5.x and older

- added a feature to drive back to staring position after printing

- print start is now indicated by a beep, instead of a "clack" sound

- added better error reporting

- fixed several potential security issues in third party libraries

- fixed distance control getting disabled when reconnecting to the printer

- fixed the printer being in an incorrect state after an error occurred when starting a print

- the maximum possible image height is constantly displayed in the UI

- added calibration of laser offsets during referencing

- improved USB file indexing


- improved beep scheme, especially at shutdown

- fixed printing problem when no ink was jetted



- fixed a small issue with temperature warnings



- allowed for downgrade using wpupdate file to any compatible version



- added max printable height 

- small ui tweaks 



- fixed dwell time not applying correctly



- cleaned up user interface

- optimized licensing requests

- fixed calibration offset for different dpi



- added a warning if any ink temperature deviates more than 3°C

- added a "confirm print" dialog, before starting a print

- updated dependencies


v2.0.6 - stop z axis jog if connection was lost >500ms

- time between swaths further optimized



- fixed invinite beep sound during shutdown

- stop x and y axis jog if connection was lost >500ms



-z axis movements optimized

- fixed a potential "Denial of Service" vulnerability



- first licensing draft

- dwell time now starts at 0s and scales correctly to 4m

- time between swaths optimized



- fixed issue causing the printer to wait much longer than necessary

- fixed issue causing colors to sometimes not print with negative horizontal calibration values



- updated waveform for fifth color



- fixed colors with negative calibration values not being printed

- further distance control algorithm improvements



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